What is the story behind the picture? Daily Post Writing/Photo Challenge


I am always late answering DPChallenges. This time is no exception. This one was in March : 2 pm.

Putting words in a picture, as simple as that, can make a good story in no  time.

The picture you are about to see tells a real story that happened to me a long time ago. The picture does not show the real thing because I got rid of the objet along the years, I think…?

Anyways, I just staged the scene, snapped a few pictures, a little bit of Photoshop and that was it.

Now, does it do the job? Really do the job?

Of course, it does for me. I know the story. But, will it do it for you? That is my main concern.

Now. Are you ready to see THE picture?

When you see my picture, what story will come to you?

I give you one clue :

As I came back to my office after a long lunch, I sat behind my desk. I opened a drawer to put my locker keys back. To my surprise, there laid an black leathered, gold imprinted, Executive Weekly Planner.

Who put it there?

I read the note on the light yellow post-it : « To note your loans. »

Then I remembered…

Now is your turn to make a story of your own out of this picture.




I certainly hope you will participate to my challenge to you. And, only then, I you wish, I shall tell you the real story behing that picture.




Yours truly.


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