The look that saved me

It can happen to anyone

Thinking for a long while

What the fuck am I doing here

That urge to end it

Once and for all

Then those eyes

The eyes of a pet

Looking into yours

For food and drink

For love and comfort

Then thinking

Who’s going to take care of it

If I disappear now

If I end it for good

Then looking into those eyes again

Deciding to keep on beating

For that small little thing

Who needs you more than anything

That little body

That follows you

Wherever you go

Whatever you do

Whatever mood you feel

That little heart

Beating because of yours

Like prayers of your soul

Chasing all you demons

Then you wake up

From that bad dream

Get the courage to stand up

To protect that little being

Yes that little being that

Makes you laugh as nobody else

Makes you love them as nobody else

Love you as nobody else

Then the miracle happens

The beauty of life opens up

And whatever the road ahead

You know you want to stay awhile longer

A great while longer…

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