Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

I am not totally sure whether or not this picture is a good example of the Rule of Thirds.

When I took this picture, it made me think of how we see people.

Do we stop at what we see or do we go further, much beyond what we see, to the true essence of the person we are looking at ?

In my case, the first thing I saw of those three people, was their reflection on the water. That is what brought me to take this picture. I found it fascinating. Then I saw the real people.

Why did I choose to keep only a small part of the real persons ?

Two reasons :

  1. Privacy laws !
    Nobody has the right to publish pictures of people that can be recognized UNLESS the subjects are public figures or they gave their conscent.
  2. I thought this picture shows very well the saying :

     There is more to see than meets the eyes !

St Augustine 2014 331

What do you think ?


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