WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Beyond

Note aux lectrices et aux lecteurs de ce blogue
Ce billet est en anglais seulement, car il me permet de pratiquer ma deuxième langue. Aussi, il répond à un défi anglophone lancé par WordPress. Merci pour votre compréhension.

Note to my English viewers
I am a French speeking person. With the WordPress challenges, I practice my English writing. Do not hesitate to correct my English mistakes. This will help me get better.


As I was going through my digital pictures looking for something that, for me, means « beyond », I stumbled upon pictures of my friend, Marie Walsh, who is a fine artist.

Marie Walsh’s paintings are all about humans. With her paintings, she wants to understand and describe all the different human states so that we, people of all origins, of all ways of thinking, come to accept everybody so that we can live better all together.

I met Marie at work. She had a contract with my department. We became friend. She had told me that she was a fine artist.  This triggered an idea in me .

I  had burned my dining table.  I had to do something about it.  So, I asked Marie if she would accept a contract with me to do a painting on my table.  She had never done that before.  She accepted the challenge.

She had about six hours to paint something on my table. And she did.  But, I do not think she was fully happy with the result considering the short time she  had. I understand. It was very short. But, I was very happy with the result.

The two pictures below show Mary painting and the end result.

Marie Walsh in action
Marie Walsh in action
End result
End result








Where does the « beyond » fits in?

First of all, I think art opens doors to see « beyond ».

What I like about my table is that everybody sitting around it has a different view. If you walk around my table, you can see different things. That is amazing. Better than a painting because I can turn around my table and have a completely different view when I get tired of one. 

To show you what I mean, I chose a picture I took from part of Marie’s work. Then, I made three other versions of the same picture by rotating the image to the right. By doing so, I got four views of the same painting. 

Let us see the result. To help you, follow the copyright mention.

  Photo-mai-2011-4-313a    Photo-mai-2011-4-313b

Photo-mai-2011-4-313c   Photo-mai-2011-4-313d

That is a way of seeing « beyond ». If you want to know more about Marie Walsh, you can go to her Web site. You can also see some of Marie’s work on Fine Arts America.

Your comments on this challenge are very welcomed.


Sincerely yours.



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