The daily post WordPress weekly photo challenge : reflection

The word reflection means a few things.

Reflection of something in the water.  Here, birds.


There is also reflection of the sun on oneself.

Photo 048_modifié-1

Reflection also means thinking.


Reflection can mean so many other things…


4 comments on “The daily post WordPress weekly photo challenge : reflection”
  1. Sammythebeautiful dit :

    Life is full of opportunities for us to get out of comfort zones and grow….we need only rest in between ….good for you! Blessings for your efforts! 🙂


  2. Shukri dit :

    I have a feeling that camp is a point in my life where i can finlaly get that push i need to become the person i want to be. I’m looking forward most to making new friends and helping out the delegates the most, and not to mention seeing some familiar faces as well! I’m afraid that i might come with a few barriers that have been built back up since the last camp, but i think by getting out of my comfort zone, i can probably break those barriers.


  3. GinTonHic dit :


    Thank you. You are right about the fact that reflection can also mean acting in the same way as God or anybody else that inspires us.


  4. You take such beautiful photos! If I may add another meaning I thought of to your word « reflections »….when we are close to our Creator we also may reflect some of his characteristics…..This reflection only shines more brightly when we live out His ways…..the most important is to love those around us and it is at this time that we reflect His beauty most powerfully.

    Really like those photos! You are a woman of many talents!



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