Weekly Writing Challenge: Listen to the Voices in Your Head


This is my first Weekly Writing Challenge. I am not sure I understand the challenge of this week. But, I am trying something.

Before I let you read my note, I want you to know that I am a French Canadian from Québec. My mothertongue is French. And I speak French most of the time, even at work.

I decided to join the Weekly Writing Challenge to practice my English.  The note that you are about to read is my first draft. I have not used any English dictionnary.

Doing so, I wish to see how good or how bad is my English writing. This job of evaluating my story belongs to you, the readers. Please feel free to give me advices. I am here to learn. 

Here is my note on voices in the head.


Source : Microsoft Office

Voices in my head ?

I have them since the day I was born. 

Them ?

Yes ! Them ! There are so many, you would not believe it.  As if my mind was inhabited by thousands of scrooges fighting to be the worst of worst. They shout after each other with the same high pitch voice : mine !

Sometimes,  it drives me so crazy that, with all the power of my lungs, I shout at them to get the hell out of my brain. But, they just laugh at me. They laugh and laugh so much that I just want to hit my head on the wall. And when I do, they go flying in all directions, and you know what ? They laugh even  more.

I once tried drinking wine till I drop.  They got so infuriated that they kicked me in the head so hard that I ended up with a migraine that lasted over two months.

 Those beasts never sleep! Always thinking about something bad to do.

The only time they seem to quiet down is when they eat. And they eat, big time ! Everything I put in my mouth goes directly into their’s.  No wonder I am so skinny.  My head weighs more than the rest of my body.

Please ! Please ! Somebody help me kill those aliens before they kill me !

No ! No ! No ! I hear a bell ringing louder and louder. It is driving nuts !

Nooooooooo !


I am lying down, wet as if I had just taken a shower. Everything is so quiet. I roll to the side. Then I laugh, and laugh, and laugh. 

It is 6:00 a.m. Time to go to work. What a crazy dream I had !




One comment on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Listen to the Voices in Your Head”
  1. sammythebeautiful dit :

    Hello GinTonHic

    You say you want to practice your english; definately you will get better with practice, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect….You are already pretty darned good! So in no time you may be perfect or very close no doubt!

    And…..as usual you always make us laugh! Your content is funny! We love ya lots!

    your dog park friends 🙂


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