Elections Canada 2011 – All united for democracy !

Monday, May 2 2011, official date to vote for a new Canadian government.

Will we see all Canadians united for DEMOCRACY?

Will this election pass to history with Jack Layton as Prime Ministre of Canada?

Some medias seem to think that Quebec is done with the Bloc.

I am not totally certain about that because the issues we are facing today go beyond sovereingty. And that goes for all canadian provinces. 

For once, we need to forget our differences and march together, hand in hand, to reestablish democracy within Canada.

We, Canadians, must stand up to our politiciens, and show them that we are through with their ways.

We, Canadians, have no other option than vote for Jack Layton as Prime Minister of Canada.

Will we have that kind of guts?

I did. I voted by anticipation.

To help you decide for whom you should vote, go to :  http://www.projectdemocracy.ca/.

All united for democracy!


One comment on “Elections Canada 2011 – All united for democracy !”
  1. Anonyme dit :

    I, as a french Canadian from Quebed will vote for NDP. We need to have a new kind of government to change the old kind of paties. NDP may change at least one thing: Liberal and Conservators will have to adjust their mean of governing and respect against people if they want to come back.


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