Weekly Photo Challenge : A face in the Crowd

Angel on a North Carolina’s beach, USA, April 2016

I was vacationing on the beach in North Carolina.

There was this young woman with her husband and two children.

She was as white as snow. Cinderella on the beach. No. The girl in that famous movie, the Lover.

I could not keep my eyes from her. Purity !

I started taking pictures of her and her family. I was mesmerized by her angel looks.

They were renting the house next door.

When her children came to talk to me, she joined them.  I did not tell her I had been taking pictures of her and her family so she would not think I was dangerous.

We started talking.

He skin was so close to the bones that I noticed she had an implant under the skin. I thought it was a pace maker. It was not.

That young lady was just diagnosed with a second breast cancer. That implant served for medication. She was on the Island for a week before treatments started the week after.

At that moment, I got scared for her. Would she make it, this time ? She was only 32, with young kids. Bad timing to leave ! But she already looked like an angel, as if she had already started her journey to the other side.

Then I told her about the pictures. I thought she, and her family, would cherish them. Those pictures belonged to them. She was very happy and grateful with that precious gift of stolen moments I took of them.

I hope she made it, but then she just might be a precious angel looking over her husband and children.

This picture is a bit blured, but it calls for it, does not it ?

A Face in the Crowd


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