The Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Thankful

I am late. I know. But I had to say it.

Last week’s challenge was meaningful for me. That is why I am thankful.

I am thankful  for not dying last week of a heart attack. Most of all, I am thankful I was saved from having a cardiovascular accident.

I am not the chicken type with my health. But I learned I should be more. Spending three days with major headaches, feeling dizzy, swollen arm, pressure sky high (210/113), it is not being brave ; it is being stupid.

I should say, it is a blessing I have such a good doctor.

After feeling sick for three days, I went to the clinic to see the nurse working there. I know that if I am sick, my doctor will see me without an appointment. That was the case.  The minute my doctor saw how high my pressure was, she said :

– Your going to the hospital right now. You should not even be here.  How did you get here?

– I drove.

– Your not taking your car. Anything could happen any minute.

– Should I start worrying?

– This is very serious. You could have a heart attack  or a cardiovascular accident any minute.

She asked the nurse to drive me to the hospital urgency, which is on the same street.

Talk about good service!

Ten minutes later, as I was sitting in the urgency waiting room, a nurse called my name.

Five minutes later, I was in the recovery room, in hospital gown, lying on a stretcher with a bunch of people all around me. Blood tests, electrocardiogram, even a chest radiograph with a mobile device. Nitro 3 times. Pressure tap every five minutes. No drink. No food. Waiting.

The way people ran around me should have made me scared. I was not. I am not scared of dying ; I am scared of being sick and be a burden to my family and, most of all, I am scared of being a burden to myself.

But after a few hours lying down, I started thinking. Was I really ready to die?

I thought I was. But, for the first time in a long time, I felt I was not ready, yet. I was not ready! Then I felt hope, hope that I had lost years ago. And for that, I am deeply thankful.

So, even though I am late for this challenge, I feel I need to say it out loud.

Hope! Hope! Hope!





One comment on “The Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Thankful”
  1. sammythebeautiful dit :

    Wow! Hope you are doing better. That was good service! I am glad you are fine. And yes we should never lose hope!….Funny you chose to put that picture with a beautiful rainbow….the rainbow is actually God’s sign of promise to His children…..I will elaborate on that another time soon hopefully….
    Blessings my friend….especially of good health!



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